International congregations

Puzzle Internationale Gemeinden

Encouraging Examples

Many congregations of the regional Protestant Churches cooperate with international congregations. Here are some models of good practice we would like to present:

The Lydiagemeinde (Lydia congregation) Dortmund is a congregation of the regional Protestant Church which welcomes migrants. This video and this article will introduce the congregation to you. You can read more about this congregation by visiting their website and this article with videos describes an international worship service of this congregation.

This film shows how the Lukasgemeinde (Lukas congregation) in Paderborn cooperates with migrants whose language is Farsi. This film introduces their pastor, Mehrdad Sepehri Fard.

The partnership of the Evangelical-Lutheran Congregation St.Georg/Borgfelde in Hamburg with the African Christian Church Hamburg can be seen in this film in the minutes 9 - 18.

The “Landkarte der Ermutigung” (Map of encouragement), introduces about 40 intercultural congregations from different denominations and countries of origin.

This working aid from Rhineland and Westphalia gives insight to the cooperation of German congregations with migrants from Ghana, Korea, Hungary and other countries (pages 17 - 21 and 48 - 52).

Himmelsfels is an ecumenical community of people of different denominations and nationalities in Northern Hesse and invites especially young people to camps and other events.

Click here to find the pastor of the regional Protestant Churches responsible for you, who will gladly advise you on how to improve cooperation on your side.